I would like to wish you all a happy Winter Solstice! As we mark the official start of the winter, the shortest day of the year and the mark of rebirth, I wanted to share this book with you from Barbara Biziou – “The Joy of Ritual”. I took an evening workshop with her to mark the ritual of reflecting on 2008 and to set intentions for 2009…Barbara gives you the tools to make simple choices that lead to big changes. I have to say she was a fabulous inspiration to help me follow my dreams. So as we all approach 2010 and think about what our intentions are for the coming year, take a little time to think through the rituals we may have forgotten, get yourself prepared to say goodbye to 2009 and set your intentions for 2010.

So celebrate the ritual of Winter Solstice – Be festive, spend time with loved ones, feast, sing, dance and light fire in the hearth!

To also mark this solstice, I have started my Etsy store sale….all Christmas/Holiday cards, notes etc. All are 1/2 price!