As The Thanksgiving long weekend comes to a close, its been a lovely time to reflect about what we are thankful for…. too much to put in this post, but in summary…..I’m Thankful for loving friends and family that are close to my heart, both nearby and overseas and Technology that keeps me connected to those I love. Thankful for great meaningful conversations, kindred spirits and open minded people in my life. I’m thankful to be creative and find pleasures in simple things not material. I’m thankful for the realization that I can go out there and follow my dreams, opportunities that are thrown at me everyday and the courage to grab them. Thankful for good food and drink and people to share the good times with ;-)Thankful for a healthy heart that is full of love, good cups of tea, Cadburys chocolate (the real stuff) and the abundance of food, sunshine and a place I love to live in. Thankful for memories and photographs.

And thankful for the wonders of the universe, thank you universe for the constant messages, inspiration and opening up my eyes to show me the way.