As Remembrance Day (also known as Veterans Day) approaches us to observe 2 minutes of silence, I have been wearing my poppy with pride to show support for all those men and women in the armed forces (and their families) and helping raise money for The Royal British Legion. Remembrance Sunday has just passed in the UK and seeing many poppy’s over the last week inspired me to create some art to also commemorate this day. “Field of Poppy’s” and “Remembrance” originals and “Field of Poppy’s” and “Remembrance” prints are both available in my Etsy shop. 50% of sales of these items will go towards the Poppy Appeal back in the UK.

Please give Remembrance to all who have lost lives and loved ones in the wars. Give some thought and also remember what is great about your life and whilst the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month may bring a little melancholy, make a point of smiling for the rest of the day, don’t let the small things worry you and vow to live your life as fully as you can.

“Lose myself into the field of poppys, walk amongst the long stems and crimson flowers that paint the scene, lay down, relax and contemplate on this cold but sunny November morning……and remember”