A few weeks ago I decided to participate in an online Christmas/holiday ornament swap hosted by freshlyblended. Thanks to my online artist friend Dana for posting the info on her blog. The swapbot website chooses 10 other swapping enthusiasts out of the 253 that are participating and all you have to do is make 10 identical ornaments and send to your list before Dec 7th! Fun eh? So over the coming weeks ill be posting the surprise ornaments I receive through my letter box then mid-December will reveal my own design that I had sent out.

Sooo here’s the very first which arrived today….thanks so much to StaceyB. How did you ever know I adore swirls! This precious ornament is going to look gorgeous on my tree so I can’t wait to hang it. The red and white transparent beads and swirly wire are simple but effective and very festive. So thank you. (Stacey please post a link to your website in the comments so I can link to you)

I hope this inspires you all to start creating Christmas/holiday ornaments of your own. If you do please post a link to your blog or photos in the comments.