As Saturday draws closer, the butterflies in my tummy are dancing around….. Most would describe this feeling as being nervous, but i like to think its excitement, not nerves. Excitement for something that is truly a milestone to breath in, experience and savour every moment, whatever the day brings. A milestone to following my dreams of living a more creative life and sharing art with friends, family and new found community.

It was week 3 of Marisa’s “In the Fish Bowl” class and how timely this episode was when i tuned in this evening to be covering “creating your online shop” …Oh universe you are so funny sometimes, but I thank you for “sending me” this little confirmation and encouragement via Marisa.

So big day Saturday! 9am my shop goes live here 10amOpening reception for the Hob’art group show “Fall Colors” at the Sovereign Bank in Hoboken.

So, Mimosas all round. 🙂

Image: “Inspiration Tree”. This is my current favourite of my newest art creations and I wanted to share to send inspiration and positive thoughts out to you all. 🙂