Despite the rainy stormy Sunday and having about 3 hours sleep I made it to the Monroe Arts Centre with my friend Leanne for 9am! We had a great time, hanging our work on the wall, meeting some lovely artists and visitors, eating drinking and exploring the centre ourselves which was full of artists and musicians. More photos here. I bumped into some of my Hob’art peeps for a chat which was great and got to check out some inspiring and fun art along the way. One of which was a photographer who was in his studio shooting small objects upclose. The result being a wondrous design which got his visitors guessing. He had huge prints of his work and it was fascinating stuff. He took a photo of my favourite star earrings so will see how that comes out and post it here, when he emails me back! The big yay is that i sold more of my work, mostly prints (which do seem to be the favourite) so its such a joy to start seeing some return and to get feedback from passers by. Another aha moment today was the excitement i was getting when seeing and talking to ceramic artists….I’ve been thinking about taking a pottery class and the plan of getting myself back into ceramic design, so the universe was certainly re-affirming that today with all the “signs”. So I cant wait to get my hands dirty. 🙂