I have to admit this week has been a bit of a struggle.. juggling work, art, a cold and some other personal stuff sucking my energy has all got me in a pickle. The weather is a bit off too, so im just rolling with it and recognizing its okay to feel a bit out of sorts now and again. 🙂 This new piece of art depicts it for me visually, at first its a “bit of a mess” but its actually titled “dream” and is about dreaming in black and white. (lino print). Its going to be in the group show at the Hoboken Open Artists Studio this weekend alongside a larger canvas painting (20×20) which i didn’t get a piccie of yet! So a fab Sunday ahead as Ill also be exhibiting at the Monroe arts centre in Hoboken with my friend Leanne (we plan art, chat, wine and chocolate for our visitors).

Also this week, Kelly Rae asked her blog readers “how are you feeling today, really?” i posted a response and when i thought about it, really hit the nail on the head. “Honestly? I’m about to embark on surfing the wave of daily life…nervous, excited, loved, hopeful, scared, inspired, tired, creative, messy and exhausted (in a good way) but most of all, enjoying this amazing crazy rollercoaster of life that the universe throws at me every single day.. bring it on. :-)”. So im going to leave the week with that thought of enjoying the ride, happy to be above ground and to get ready for whatever exciting things are next. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend everyone. 🙂