Happy Halloween everyone! With all the costumes out there, we are certainly seeing our surroundings a little differently this weekend. I’m already impressed with the costume creativity…such a great time to stretch our artistic imagination. I made my costume again this year and the Barbarella/70s disco outfit went down a treat for our British Expat party.

There’s something so exciting and fulfilling about making your own costume, reminds me a little of when I was young and my brother and I would always be encouraged to dress up and make our own, spending days thinking about designs, finding fabrics and having a fun time in the process. We also had a dressing up box as kids so most weekends we would rummage around and see what we could find, especially great fun when a new friend came round to play and we’d all dress up. The bestman at my brothers recent wedding, commented in his speech how the first time he met us, my brother (who was about 8) was dressed up as an old woman with a long wig and dress (looking like the dress up scene in ET!) Some great memories so enjoy making your own this weekend and have fun!

Tonight, I’ll be recycling a handmade costume from 2 years ago! “The Devil Wears Prada” 🙂