Today saw the kick off to the exciting e-course with an artist I have been admiring and following for a few months. Marisa Haedike “In the Fish Bowl – Life as an Artist”. Being in the UK this week for my brothers wedding, i logged on later than the 100+global participants to listen to the pre-recorded podcast…and wow what a lovely intro to what is going to be an exciting 6 weeks I feel. Marisa did a great job of ‘setting the intention’ for the next 6 weeks. This reminded me of the night class I took with my friend Diane in January about setting intentions so i smiled as again I saw the connections and linkages to not just intentions for my art, but life in general. The course also provides an online forum to meet and chat with the other participants who are from around the globe so im sooo excited about meeting, chatting and continuing to build my community of creatives. I have already had 2 lovely comments from two of my fellow artists.

“What do i love about what I create?”, “What am i working on when i lose all sense of time?”, “What does success look like?”, “How am i genuninely feeling about myself”? These are just some of the questions Marisa asked us to contemplate for our first week. Questions that we could all think about, reflect upon and relate to, to help us begin to re-evaluate our own lives.