First week in Spain – sneak peek photos of my new home

My bedroom overlooking the bay. My vision board was one of the first things to go up.

My first week has been wonderful! I have settled in….pink sparkly curtains up in the bedroom and color all around with some added creature comforts. The kitchen is coming in another week, so am camping out which is fun!

Moving to a new place with hardly anything can be so freeing. (I did exactly the same 8 years ago when I moved to New York). Now many of those ‘things’ from NYC are in new homes with new people. :-) And I am starting again in Spain.

This time last week, I arrived with one suitcase, my camera and laptop and was welcomed with 2 smiling friends at Malaga airport.

The view from my living room balcony – seeing Gibraltar everyday and sometimes North Africa when it is clear enough.

There is something so amazing about fresh starts – new beginnings.  Making a home a home is so important from the outset. My list included: Lamps for some cosy lighting, cushions, curtains, color, plants, fluffy slippers! and a hot water bottle (its really warm during the day here, but a little chilly first thing in the morning and at night.). I searched high and low for fairy/twinkle lights, but could not find ANY. So once I get those up, I am all set. :-)

There is such a sense of calm here and with the sun out everyday it’s hard not to smile. Every day so far I have awoken to quiet, calm sounds, sunshine and gone to bed with the sound of the ocean – it is heaven.

Here are some lovely highlights from my first week in Spain….

Being whisked off to a lazy lunch in the sunshine at my favourite little restaurant on day one

Waking up to this view every morning.

Beach combing and finding little treasures to paint on (I found a fab piece of driftwood)

Spending an afternoon pottering around, planting and getting the balcony started with some color and life
{my mum is coming out in March to help me finish it all off}

COLOR! YAY. (and gorgeous mini peppers)

Creating natural mandala’s


embracing all that is yet to come.


  1. Wow! Amazing! The place is lovely, wishing you all the best in this starting!

  2. Thanks for sharing! What a view you have. Look at the life you’ve created in Spain!!
    Today, we are covered in 2 feet of snow, also lovely, but I would prefer the sand~
    xo Desha

  3. Louise, all I can say is WOW. I am blown away by the beauty of your new home and your utter braveness in jumping feet first into a brand new life. You are an inspiration! xx

  4. WOW!! Your new home is so amazing!! I am soooo jealous! I wonder if I could ever own a place like that in Spain?! I want one! :)
    So glad to see how much is possible!

  5. Hi, I stumbled into your blog via JoyJams where a friend had posted their weekly joy.

    I love the look of your new home and am inspired, I might be looking for a new home in Italy in a year or so.

    Thanks for sharing and the pictures really set off your story.


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