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“I am more believing in myself. I can do this. I can really do this!…. a fun course with great positive and inspiring content. I loved it all!” Bonita Rose. Fargo, USA.
“I was able to identify previously unknown goals / big dreams. it got me working in my sketchbook / journal again! it made me really focus on what i want from my art. I would recommend Big Dreams, Small Wonders to anyone who needs a little push to move forward and boost of self-confidence in pursuing their dreams. It’s given me some great new tools & techniques to battle the negative voice in my head that can be quite discouraging at times!” Femi Ford. USA
“I LOVED your course; I had ideas for my Wild at Art business percolating in my mind but having your structure made me articulate this. I have now got much more clarity regarding a way forwards and can see that I can start to implement small steps and plans while finishing up my last 2 year contract at my school.” Katie Flowers. Hong Kong
“I loved drawing up a picture of my ideal world. It really got me thinking about little things I could do that would get me closer to what I want to be. I have come to know myself even better and stretched myself outside of my old boundaries.” Lesley Barr. Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
“What stands out for me is the “Tree with Roots” for Energy & Affirmations. Also the “Wheel” and “mapping” techniques. They are great creative visuals. It’s initiated a fun, creative perspective of bringing focus and clarity to where I’m at and where to put my energy/attention to vivify what I want to experience more of. Louise, you really have this course planned out well. A lot can happen in 30 days and you give participants plenty with the daily inspirations and action plans.” Tayanna. Baraboo, WI, USA
“It was of great benefit to me to put last year behind me and clarify what my goals are for the year ahead. the things I really took away were around the importance of planning, and being able to see the bigger picture. The importance of dreaming big dreams, as well as little everyday ones.” Louise Docherty. Melbourne, Australia
“I have been making steady progress on my dreams, but this helped me to dream bigger.” Sandi Volpe.
I really feel I got something out of every part you wrote, but specifically I love the idea of the letter (which I will be sending shortly), SMARTER was a revelation, I enjoyed all the “act now” parts too….encouraged me to “act! in that moment rather than being left to my own devices, as sometimes I do need to be told do it now! 🙂 Its also given me techniques to follow that are very helpful in working out what it is I want to achieve and how to make these dreams into manageable little steps that will take me forward to my dreams becoming real! Yes! It’s full of wonderful techniques that will take you closer to realising your dreams and making them real!” Jenny Blair, Scotland
“I am enjoying the visualizing of my dreams in a creative way … I have always had so many ideas in my head …that often times they would drive me crazy … but being able to put them down and be creative at the same time was a perfect fit … In a minute I would recommend your e-course …It was fun !!! I loved the inspiration and the positive energy … every post you could feel it …I am so pleased that I found your site and that I took a chance with you for my very first creative e-course …I have to say it was an amazing experience for me … one that I will cherish always … Thank you” Patti Fortune. Canada

What people are saying about the face to face Vision boarding sessions Louise runs in January every year. (we cover visioning in Week 3)

“Louise has been an incredible source of inspiration and has taught me valuable lessons- at an age when I rather expected my learning days were over. Among the best of them…FOCUS: Louise has really helped me clearly define what my goals are and perhaps more importantly articulate them – a dream that can’t be named can’t be made realCOURAGE: She is a fantastic example of the benefits of following your dream and the happiness that comes from doing what you are passionate about. The success she’s had seems proof that the real risk comes from not tryingENVIRONMENT: Louise creates an atmosphere that cultivates creativity- at events hosted in her house or at the table of a cafe. She’s emphasized to me the importance of not only finding time for art, but making space for it- real space in your life.”Jenna, Brooklyn, NY
“I attended Louise’s intentions brunch in January last year – and I can honestly say it has still been one of the best afternoons of the year! On a cold, icy January day, Lou offered me a warm welcome, a supportive environment – and a wealth of materials to use to create my “vision” of 2010. I still have my vision board taped to my bedroom door so that I see it every day and am reminded of the things I want to achieve. It’s such an inspiration!Debbie, Wheehawken, NJ
“So often, we play it safe and hide in our heads, but you have to put what it is you want out there, no matter how silly those wants may sound to you. They aren’t silly. We all get our specific desires for a reason. So not only did attending Louise’s Intentions brunch help me focus on what it is I truly want, but what was also helpful was that there were other women there who are on similar journeys and we could take care of and encourage each other. Louise gave us the space to put ourselves out there in a joyful way.Miranda, Brooklyn Heights, NY
“What a way to bring in the new year. Louise’s intention brunch helps and inspires you to create a colourful visual pictorial of your dreams and hopes for the year to come. Spending the day with friends discussing hope and dreams warms the heart and fills you with a great sense of community, knowing that you have this support in the year to come. This ritual ignites the soul, fuels you with passion and is infused with Louise’s infectious joyous energy!”Diane, Harlem, NYC
“The intentions brunch brought together a group of women who were able to creatively share their goals and dreams visually and verbally for the year ahead. Everyone offered support and encouragement with a lot of laughter. Louise is such an inspiration to all those she meets.”Leanne, Mamaroneck, NY
I had a great time….It definitely helped to see it all come together on paper, and to share ideas and learn so much more about each other. I’ve yet to meet all of my goals, but I’m definitely proud of my new jogging routine and for organizing the big Cutchogue trip. I still have time to volunteer, and there are lots of opportunities coming up with the holidays just around the corner. I just need to JFDI!! My motto recently….Julie, Park Slope, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do the Sessions run?The session based e-course runs every January and then again in April & September.
    There is also a self-paced version of the class that can be accessed all year round, so don’t worry if you miss the sessions! Just register for “self-paced” here. For this version – all of the content is available as soon as you enter the classroom.
  2. What Resources or Supplies Do I Need?To sign up, you need an email address, paypal account/credit card to send your payment through paypal, access to a computer and the internet. Once you sign up, you will be given access to the course area. There will be a list of supplies for some of the visioning and creative activities. The supplies are the kind of things you will likely have hanging around, so no need to purchase any expensive additions.
  3. How Does the class work?
    Session based (Jan, April, Sept): Classroom opens a week before the session starts and you will given all the information via email. Content is posted Mon-Sat ever week for 6 weeks – posts include lessons, worksheets, creative activities, stories and advice to help you identify your dreams, goals and create a plan to help you see the roadmap to success more clearly. There is also a special weekly Q&A which Louise Gale will answer.

    Self-Paced version:
    Once you register, you will be given access to a secure area of the site {within 24 hours}. All the content is available as soon as you enter. Posts include lessons, worksheets, creative activities, stories and advice to help you identify your dreams, goals and create a plan to help you see the roadmap to success more clearly. You will have the ability to comment and ask questions which Louise Gale will answer.
  4. How much time do I need to set aside?You can do as much or little as you wish during the class. The more you put in, the more you will get out of the class. The class is designed to take around 6 weeks, but as this is completely self-paced, you get to decide the pace. Louise would recommend allowing at least one week per module. {there are 6 modules}
  5. What if I already know what my dreams are?That’s great! This class does focus on identifying and visioning dreams, but most importantly the next steps; creating goals and looking at the small wonders you can plan and celebrate along the journey. The tools, techniques, advice and activities will give you an energizing boost for your next phase of your life.
  6. What if I only have an hour a day to spare or can’t get through it all?Don’t worry. Once your class session is over, Louise will grant you access to the self-paced version for the rest of the year. Louise recommends spending at least a week per module.
  7. I live in New Zealand, will the time difference matter?Not at all. You can work through the materials at your own pace. We have had participants from across the world go through this program.
  8. Do I need to be really creative to join in?Everyone is creative in their own way, but even if you don’t believe you are creative, you will have lots of fun we promise. There will be a few creative activities to help you vision your dreams, so how creative you get is totally up to you.
  9. Can I purchase a gift certificate or the class as a gift?Absolutely, this is a great gift idea. You can either add the recipient’s name and email to the message to buyer section in paypal or email us at info[at]louisegale[dot]com with their name and email. We will email them will all the details.
  10. What if I need help when the course is over or later on in the year?If you do need additional advice or a review of your roadmaps after completion of the course, Louise also offers one-on-one coaching sessions if you would like some extra support and guidance. (at additional cost)