Start Your Art Gift from Louise Gale

I enjoyed our time together for Start Your Art! Please sign up HERE to receive access to your free gifts from me!  I would love to help you connect further with the energy of color and begin your own color exploration journey! So my FREE GIFT includes:

    • A downloadable rainbow visualisation MP3 audio where we will journey through all the colors of the rainbow.
    • Pdf worksheets to help you record which colors stood out for you.
    • A short video and pdf on coloring techniques using coloring pencils
    • A downloadable mandala design for you to color in using the color or colors that spoke to you the most during the audio!
    • A short video watching me color in a mandala.
    • Color wheel inspiration, color theory and using color harmony pdf (also included as a download for your free lesson for Start Your Art)
    • I will also invite you to join my FREE Creative Library packed with more art resources!

Lots of love Louise xx

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