Once upon a time under the VIDA tree

I saw you

You saw me

Barefoot on the ground

So silent and still

To connect to oneself

Intentions to fill

Our open hearts

Stepped into the unknown

Imagination expands

Awareness grown

With healing sounds

Vibrating all around

Our breathe deepens still

Feet rooted to the ground

From the roots of that tree

A place to just be

I see your kind soul

Flying free

From all that binds you

That holds you down

So stand in your power

Wear your crown

We are kindred souls

On the same path

To sing, to dance

To cry and laugh

I am so thankful for this experience

To have met you at this time

To share heartfelt experiences so delicious and sublime

Where have I been

Creative community so strong

I feel I have come home

A place I belong

We will meet again

Travelling this awakening road

So take care my friend

And follow your flow

Love and Light

As we go into the night

Our hearts will be found

Once again in silence and sound.

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