Original Art {images & descriptions}

Thank you very much for visiting my art portfolio. This page is currently being updated, but you can view my most recent work below. A small selection of items are in my Etsy shop. Prints, cards and canvas products can also be found in my shop at Fineart America.

Creative Color Energy Cleanse

Art created as part of my new e-course “Color Bliss”. Focusing on each color of the chakra energy system really brought out a rainbow of feelings and emotions. These were a joy to create after taking myself through each of the color visualizations.

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Falling for fall

Inspired by the beauty and colors of autumn.

Falling for Fall, Love this time of year, The colors so warm, And the crisp cool air
Wearing long boots, And crunching the leaves, Snuggly warm clothes and Long fluffy sleeves
Golden sunlight, To light up my day, Then welcome the dusk as, Nothing gold can stay

Breathe in this season and hope you do, fall for fall, yes so easy to.

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Art with a message

Sometimes we need to be reminded how beautiful we really are, these are the beginnings of art with a message (more coming in 2012)

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Sew Hoboken

Very honored to now have these pieces all part of the Hoboken Historical Museum’s art collection.

All the pieces are inspired by Hoboken signs or the Hoboken landscape and since moving to Hoboken in 2004, I have really enjoyed discovering little pieces of history mixed in with the modern world around the square mile. Each piece featured fabric or a sewn element.

I created a virtual exhibition below so you can see each piece and hear the short story behind each one.

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These 3 pieces were created after a blissful week practicing yoga and meditation. I was so delighted that these works came from such a peaceful time. The lovely intuitive and color expert Elizabeth Harper also featured “Tranquility Garden” in one of her weekly color scopes. (watch the video below).

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Botanical Bliss

This series incorporated lots of red, plaster and wax. Exhibited in New York City March 2011.

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Greenlife or Greylife?

I created this series to challenge us to think about how parks and green spaces are being sacrificed for buildings and concrete. How can some buildings and environments be changed with a little greenlife around them? I chose this theme as I had read an article on regeneration of towns and how wild areas and small parks were vanishing to make way for concrete. As we destroy and rebuild many of our cities and small towns, I wanted us to think about how we don’t necessarily need to choose between green and grey.

The featured painting below depicts this contrast of greenlife versus grey and how the two can also co-exist.

Watch the creation of the featured piece

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Klimt inspired

coming soon

Wisdom in the trees

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