ebooks & meditation kits

Kits, audio meditations & workbooks {Instant downloads}

Creative Energy Color Cleanse {Full program download}

This “mini retreat” is a home study course for creative people who would like to heal, clear and balance energy so your creativity can flow freely. The Color Bliss mini retreat is a full “creative energy color cleanse” download so you can work through the program at your own pace.


Creative Energy Color Kits {individual downloads}

Purchase each of the colors kits as separate downloads and work through at your own pace.



Big Dreams. Small Wonders Workbook & 2013 Planner

Over 50 pages of creative exercises, dream worksheets and roadmap planning to create your amazing year ahead. This compliments the online course and is a tiny piece of what’s included in the 6 week program.


Individual audios {instant download}

Chakra Balance audio & worksheet

Balance yourself as often as you need to with this audio. This guided visualization takes you through each energy center to energize, heal and balance. Also includes a worksheet. $8.00


Rainbow Relaxation

Relax with this 9 minute guided visualization to invite all 7 colors of the rainbow into your life.


Gratitude meditation

Give yourself permission to be calm. This 10 minute meditation will guide you through your senses and focus on gratitude. A lovely way to start your day or incorporate into your current meditation practice. $5.00