Of course it doesn’t need to be Spring where you are to give your life a little lift, and “Spring Clean Your Life” is perfect for any time of the year to dust off your own cobwebs and clear some space to invite exciting new possibilities in and get our creative energy to flow.This 3 week program will take you through daily activities to help you:

  • Create a haven in your home and work environment
  • Clear any mental clutter
  • Restore balance & well-being in every area of your life.



Why is it important to clear mental & physical clutter?

So what are the key benefits to clearing some space and why do we need to do so? One of the biggest problems associated with mental and physical clutter is how it keeps us stuck in a home or level of thought that leaves us little or no room for growth.

Like a plant in a pot that is too small for it’s roots, we outgrow our own pot. This is when we begin to see our relationships suffer, business opportunities dry up, health and energy lowering, and finances becoming tighter.

Decluttering, simplifying and clearing space helps to remove mental and physical blockages from our lives that stops all the positive energy to flow freely around us. Positive energy is what promotes success. Energy is everywhere.The human body and everything around us is an energy system resonating at different vibrational energy levels throughout the day.


  • Low vitality and energy
  • Less opportunities flowing to you
  • Lack of abundance
  • Feeling of being stuck
  • Low thoughts and feelings
  • Pessimistic thoughts
  • Anger


  • Improved energy and interest in life
  • Happy surprises, good fortune
  • New opportunities, better finances
  • Life flowing smoothly, active,
  • energized
  • Improved energy and interest in life
  • Optimistic, forward thinking and positive happy mood, pleasant feelings

You can create your own “Spring Clean Your Life” Journal with all the worksheets and journal pages to track your “Spring Cleaning” journey.

Included in the Download…..

50 page e-book full of

  • Mini makeover activities for 21 days.
  • Colorful worksheets & planners to guide your journey
  • Mindful Moment Notes

Bonus materials:

  • 9 minute color meditation to bring color back into your life for the new season
  • Pages of gorgeous photography and journal pages for your personal use

Additional bonus:

  • 2015 Calendar
  • Weekly & daily planners
  • Affirmations to use everyday



By the end of the 3 week’s you will have:

  • Cleared any mental clutter holding you back
  • Created space in your own physical environment
  • Enhanced all your living & working spaces
  • A sense of calmness, well-being and freedom in your everyday
  • Made a mini makeover plan for every area of your life in these areas:

Would you like to ‘Spring Clean Your Life”? Excellent!

  • Create a haven in your home and work environment
  • Clear any mental clutter
  • Restore balance & well-being in every area of your life.