The FREE 2019 Workbook is here!

Back by Popular demand! INSTANT DOWNLOAD. This gorgeous illustrated planner is filled with 70+ pages of yummy goodness, creative exercises, dream worksheets and roadmap planning to create your amazing year ahead. Use the dream board exercises & monthly goal sheets to keep on track throughout the year. There is also a dream life visualization to download. 70+ page e-book + welcome audio +visioning audio


DREAM BIG AND CELEBRATE THE SMALL WONDERS Louise has used the very tools that are in this workbook & planner to make lovely huge transformations in her own life, follow her passion and continue to dream big and create a path for herself. Now YOU can do the same.

What does the download include? Here’s what you can find in the 70+ pages of goodness:

  • Reviewing and celebrating the previous year worksheets
  • Completion ritual
  • Energy & Affirmation creative exercise
  • Affirmation sheets
  • Artwork from Louise
  • Templates to vision your dreams & goals
  • Visionboarding tools and worksheets
  • Questionnaire & worksheets to help identify goals and small wonders
  • Goal sheets
  • Action planning sheets
  • Tips to stay on track
  • Connecting with your creative community


Each workbook & planner download also comes with TWO bonus items.



  • BONUS #1- A welcome audio from Louise

  • BONUS #2 – A dream life visualization audio.

* The Workbook & Planner is just a tiny insight into what is included in the full Big Dreams, Small Wonders Ecourse.





Dream Big and Celebrate the Small Wonders with me in my e-course.




So what qualifies Louise to create this workbook & planner?

louiseportraitBWcropped250Louise spent many years dreaming big and using these exact tools to help transform her own life. Louise believes in these tools so much that she decided to create this colorful & helpful journal & planner so that others can enjoy planning their year ahead, give themselves permission to dream big and see those small wonders appear.

“I use this workbook at the start of every year and throughout the year to create my goals, stay on track and celebrate my small wonders. I know you will love the color and pattern in these pages to make this a fun and beautiful experience so you can have an amazing year ahead too”

“There are so many dreams that have come true so far and seeing the power of using these tools, means many more are yet to manifest and become reality.”

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint Exupery