Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book
8.5″ x 11″ Full Color Bleed 72 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1068634017  

Welcome to ‘Cut out and Collage Watercolor Blooms Ephemera!’ On white paper

I am so happy to share this collection of hand-painted flower illustrations with you! This book is published on white paper, so if you are looking for these illustrations on a vintage style background, click here for my other book. 

Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book

All of the blooms have been lovingly hand-drawn, then colored by hand using watercolors, so they are perfectly imperfect in many ways. There are single blooms and pretty perspectives for variation.

Each illustration was created for my Drawing Botanical Blooms book so if you have that book, this is a perfect companion to add these illustrations to your sketchbooks and art journals as you explore your flower drawing and journaling practice further.

Also perfect for paper crafts, cutouts, vision boards, greetings cards, artist trading cards, creative planners, decoupage, creative collage, faux stamps, gift tags, smash journals, junk journals, scrapbook pages, wall art, botanical art and much more!

Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book
This Cut and Collage Watercolor Blooms Ephemera Book features:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ size, with 72 pages inside
  • 300+ full color images
  • Each page is grouped by subject to make your selections fun and easy
  • Single pages on white paper
  • High quality color printing by Amazon

I hope these illustrations will inspire you to discover the endless beauty we find in nature and that you enjoy including these into your own arty projects!

The book has over 300 illustrations. Below is a little peek.

A video series showing inside and how you can use the book will be published on my YouTube Channel the week of June 17. In the meantime, check out the video below.

Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book
Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book

300 Illustrations printed on Vintage Background

Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book

Easily cut out flowers using scissors or a craft knife

Cut and Collage Watercolor Botanical Blooms Book

Also available to buy on white paper

Cut out and Collage Watercolor Blooms Ephemera!

My book is currently available via Amazon (I am working on delivering via other outlets also). I am so sorry, but the book is not currently in Japan or Australia Amazon. Please click your country below or check the Amazon Store in your country.

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Louise Gale artists botanical flower mandalas
The Author

Meet Louise Gale

Hi everyone! I am so excited to bring you the first in my series of Cut Out and Collage Books, featuring beautiful Blooms! If you love to collage, add to your junk journal or create pretty pages in your journal/Sketchbook, my watercolor illustrations will be a fun addition for you! I hope you love these illustrations as much as I loved creating them!