Creative Healers Summit – Interview replay

I was very excited to be included in this Creative Healers Summit which ran March 26 – April 11, 2018.  Below is the replay of my interview where we discussed the following:

1:30 Combining Nature with Creativity
4:00 Working with Mandalas.
6:45 Healing and Working through the Creative Process
8:00 Being Electric-Sensitive
8:30 Creating Nature Mandalas on the beach
10.20 Community Mandalas
12:00 Wabi Sabi
12:45 The Uncertainty of Change
14:30 The Uniqueness of Your Mandala
16:00 Mandalas are for everyone
16:10 On being a Mixed Media Artist
17:30 My Art Teacher telling me I would not get into art school
18:30 On leaving my Corporate job
20:00 Juggling in our Dream Life
20.30 Finding time for our Creative Self
21:30 Making the space to Connect to the Sacred.
22:30 The Energy of Creativity and Gratitude
24:00 What I would recommend to people who are starting/growing a creative business.
26:00 The free gift.
26:15 Closing.

About My Book! – Botanical Mandalas

I am beyond EXCITED, as my book Botanical Mandalas: Draw, Paint and Create Expressive Mandala Art Inspired by Nature is out in the world! Woohoo!

This book has been a year in the making and I am so happy to be sharing this with you on the new website.

It has 176 colorful pages full of inspiration for capturing the beauty in nature and packed full with exercises, tips and tutorials to create unique expressive mandala artworks. Includes drawing, painting and mixed-media projects to discover endless inspiration for your own botanical mandala journey.

My intention is that the book helps you:

  • Reconnect back to nature by taking breaks from technology to enjoy the calming energy that nature provides.
  • Slow down and take time to really observe the beauty that surrounds you in the natural world.
  • Be inspired to sketch, draw and paint flora and fauna you are drawn to.
  • Learn how to draw, paint and create expressive mandala art inspired by your own unique connection to nature.
  • Reduce stress and enjoy the calming process that ‘Botanical Mandalas’ create.

Read more about the book, watch the see inside video and order your copy HERE.