Thank you to everyone for your wonderful kind words about my newsletter, free creative library and artwork. Below are just a handful of compliments I have been very fortunate to receive from lovely readers and subscribers. For workshop testimonials, please pop on over to this page.

The content is always very motivating. I really look forward to receiving the newsletter.


I am always inspired by your enthusiasm, talent and joy of life.


I love art and doodling so receiving news that is full of beauty is a welcome change for me.


I love the uniqueness of what you do. The way you teach. You don’t talk down on your videos. Straight forward easy to follow. Your letters are very inspiring.


I love the creative and HAPPY content. The videos are super and all the freebies you give are wonderful. Thank you


Your newsletter is full of positivity and love. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years and have learned a lot about giving and art.


You are a talented artist and I enjoy seeing what you are up to. It is inspiring! I hope to make more time for art in my near future.


Louise, I love your art, your creativity and your positive approach to life.


I look forward to seeing your name in my inbox and finding something new to work on.


Inspiring tutorials mostly with the mandalas, updates on new classes and the monthly goodies. Of course I love to see the pictures you share of moments in your day. 🙂


The content is uplifting, from the heart and always interesting.


Seeing your creativity! Your art is always beautiful and inspirational.


I vicariously enjoy your adventures and it inspires me to incorporate little doable things into my life.


I enjoy the fact that every time I receive your newsletter, it brightens my day. I purposely have it sent to my work email, because when it arrives, my day immediately gets better! 🙂


I love the variety of your offerings and how much of yourself you put into all that you share about living creatively…always an inspiration!


Thank you for being so generous with your tutorials, videos and gifts in your newsletters. I constantly go back to the Free Creative Library when I need a spark to my creativity or just to be inspired.


Love that you are always providing something new to work on. Thank you for your inspiration.