This page displays a handful of gorgeous student work from my colour classes.

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I want to thank you for this AMAZING experience that continues. Your program has really helped me make my own personal connections to the colors that will bring deeper expressions within my budding artwork. I found it very synchronistic that the energies that arose for each color for me intuitively were often the same ones you had written about or used in the meditations.

Sally Leathers

I am grateful to Louise for jump-starting my creative juices. I was away from art for many years and needed a way to re-enter the art world. Louise’s meditations and knowledge of chakras went hand-in-hand with my spiritual side. I loved her sunny way of teaching and enjoyed all my classmates’ work and camaraderie. This class is a must for anyone looking for an energetic way to create.

Tina Coats

Louise has created an organic, easily accessible and at the same time soul-searching class which provides a wonderful portal to deepen our knowledge and experience of chakra energies. The videos, affirmation sheets, and guided meditations help us harness at a more profound level these energies by studying the colors related to them. I love seeing Louise demonstrate various techniques, thus creating a safe-place for us to explore our creativity in various ways.  I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in color and the profound impact they have in our everyday lives.

Isabelle Savignac

I signed up for the class on a whim, thinking that it would be some kind of recreation in my creative process. It turned out to be true and so much more as I learned a lot about colours and how it affects us, how to play with them, and just have fun with different mediums, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. The class was my little sacred time of the day

Natacha Devaud

It has been great to learn many things from Louise and share it with great people. The combination of creation + meditation has been awesome! Not expected at all. I recommend this course to anybody that has little time to physically attend a class but feels the need to create and discover.

Maria Del Valle

Even though i knew i had minimal time over the Summer i couldn’t help but sign up for Louise’s Creative Colour energy workshop  and i am so glad i did! It gave me an opportunity to explore  the fabulous world of colour and also deepen my understanding of the Chakra energy system. As usual with Louise’s’ classes it included great content with lots of inspiring videos and useful links for further self study. I also loved being part of the supportive classroom community. In one word ‘Fabulous


Your nurturing and supportive presence to the process was VITAL! I found the multi-dimensional materials inspiring especially the guided meditations and appreciated the wealth of information provided at the beginning of each color.
Sally Leathers

I really enjoyed this course a lot.  After an extremely busy show season I was feeling creatively burned out, and because I was familiar with Louise’s approach I thought the Creative Colour Energy workshop would be a fun and stress free way to refresh my creative side.  I was correct, the course was fun, stress free (especially with Louise’s guided meditations!), and made me fall in love with creating again.  I use color a lot in my jewellery and this course allowed me the space to explore the colors in depth, gaining a better understanding of them.

Valerie Brown