I just finished filming a fabulous art journal mini class (for 21 Secrets) all about creating luscious layers and painting the beauty you find in a single flower. The class is called ‘Botanical Beauty’ and the techniques I use will inspire you to create a whole journal full of your favorite Botanicals!

This is my contribution to a bigger online course called “The Great Outdoors” brought to you by Dirty Footprints Studio/21 Secrets classes. 

So you may be wondering “What is 21 Secrets?”  The lovely Connie at 21 Secrets produces e-courses and invites artists from all around the world to host a mini workshop. This Summer, there is a “Summer Studio Series” which contains two e-courses: “The Great Outdoors” and “Just Add Water.” 

Each course will run live for ten days, and contains lessons by eleven different artists from around the world.  After the course ends, you own the content forever.  

JUST ADD WATER â€“ July 9-20    ($55)
THE GREAT OUTDOORS â€“ July 30-August 10 ($55)

Or you can sign up for both in this special bundle offering for only $98



*I get a small portion of the registration fee when you sign up using the links above. This is how I get paid for providing my workshop. 🙂

About my Class

Nature is living, breathing and ever-changing. Once you start to closely observe the beauty that is abundant in the great outdoors, you will also tap into an endless source of inspiration for your art journal.

In this class, I will lead you through the process of creating a mixed-media art journal page. I’ll show you how I love to create pretty layered backgrounds and we will then draw and paint images inspired by the different perspectives of a beautiful living flower over the top. This process and technique can be used to create a whole journal full of nature studies and many other art projects! I look forward to celebrating the beauty of nature and the great outdoors with you.

Hope to see you there!

Louise xx