Who is this art submission open to?

Currently, I am opening this up to students of my mandala classes, so you may have taken only 1 class or all 3 in the bundled offering. Maybe you took my original class that was a 5 week offering. I am also offering to artists who have taken my nature classes


Hello beautiful mandala artist! I am so excited to invite you to submit your mandala art to be considered for the student gallery chapter of my upcoming book ‘Botanical Mandalas: Draw, Paint, Create”. The proposed publishing date will be Spring 2018.

The book will be partly art instruction and partly inspirational activities to feel more connected to nature and creativity.

I am so excited to be dedicating a whole section to beautiful artwork from those who have taken any of my mandala classes.

I am also hoping to feature a small selection of submissions as a ‘Featured Artist’ section which would include more about your mandala practice, philosophy and a testimonial for taking my classes. So there are two places your art (and beautiful self) could feature:

  1. In the gallery pages with your fellow artists.
  2. A dedicated page with your art and a mini interview about you and your mandala journey.

I am specifically looking for art that has a nature, flora, fauna theme or can fit really nicely with the theme of the book. Some examples could be:

  • floral /fauna motifs in your traditional mandala design.
  • a nature mandala you have created from petals, leaves and other natural objects.
  • a detailed botanical flower mandala.
  • a freestyle design of flowers, leaves or other natural elements.