Amy Butler Design Blossom Magazine issue 4


Amy Butler’s Blossom Magazine is such a beauty to view. The full page color rich photos, wonderful stories and beautiful designs inside are pure eye candy! I get so excited when Amy launches a new issue as the photos, articles and images inside are so beautiful to click through. The magazine is online and completely free to view and download. 

blossom magazine articles Amy Butler magazine

Some of my article pages from Blossom Magazine Issue 4

Amy says that “Blossom” is a visual journal that’s all about loving your life and living it fully and authentically. Filled with loads of creative ideas and inspirations, Blossom celebrates our creative expression and passions; our mantra is “Create Love, Be Kind and Express Beauty. The magazine is a spirited voice for creativity, heart and soul. It’s my dream to support folks in getting in touch with the beauty in their lives and in themselves…to empower with love, and help people connect with the creative perfection of being who they really are while giving them support and inspiration to get in touch with doing what they love. I want folks to understand that being connected to what they love, it’s the greatest gift they can give the world and themselves.”

When I met Amy in Morocco a couple of years ago at a retreat, we had a lovely conversation about color, amongst many things and Amy kindly asked me to write for a future issue of her beloved magazine. 

Amy Butler Design Blossom Magazine issue 4

I am so happy to be featured in Issue 4 of the magazine. 

Article #1 – Embracing the Rainbow

This article is all about my journey with color, how I used to be scared of red and how this prompted me to learn more about color energy. Here are the pages as a sneak peek. You can read the full article on pages 210-217 HERE

Amy Butler Blossom Magazine - Louise Gale article - Embracing the Rainbow


Article #2 – Journey through the colors of the chakras.

This article outlines the color energy for each Chakra in our body. Here are a couple of the pages as a sneak peek. You can read the full article on pages 218-223 HERE

Amy Butler Blossom Magazine - Louise Gale article - Journey through the colors of the chakras

See the full magazine and read/download your own copy HERE

I hope you enjoy my articles and the beautiful Blossom Magazine!





Would you like to join me to explore Color Energy and journey through the Chakra Colors in your Art Journal?

In this class, we will journey through the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 levels of chakra energy and create our own Mixed Media Color Journal.

Through audio color meditations, videos & creative exercises, we dig deeper into each color and the associated level of energy. How each color speaks to us, makes us feel and triggers our creative intuition. You will get exactly what you need from each of the colors.

We will explore and play through:

  • Color vision journaling
  • Collage
  • Photography
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