Color challenge blue, blueberry, indigo, mixed media color artistI love blueberries! I thought indigo would be a real challenge as I do struggle with finding indigo “things” as inspiration for color. Soooooo i thought this would be a fabulous way to tune my eye to see more indigo out there in the world to photograph and also to create in. I am thinking summer starry nights, dark indigo Indian silks and oooooo am excited about this one! I also added a little extra option in the challenge below to add some glitter and excitement to your creation. I cannot wait!

If you are new to the Creative Color Challenge, you can check out all the juicy details here and check out the participant showcase here. This is a monthly challenge to prompt us to explore color, combinations of color and lots more! There is some guidance, but this is REALLY ABOUT exploring our creative selves and trying new colors or things as we go along. Finding courage inspiration and joy every month!


  • Create something using any or all of the colours shown above (you can also include white or black in your creation)
  • Use any materials you like to create.
  • The colours don’t need to be 100% exact – the codes/numbers are listed for guidance and if you decide to create using a computer, you can grab these codes.
  • A little extra – as this is such a beautifully dark hue, I am going to pop in that you can add gold or silver to your work. yummy!
  • if you would like to share your progress or your discoveries in Indigo this month, please use hashtag #ccc2013 on facebook, twitter and instagram
  • Share it in the flickr group here
  • Pop back to my blog on the 28th where I will share mine. I will then invite you all to post a link to your work or blog post about it all and visit everyone who participated. Read more about the challenge and to sign up here


ENJOY! I cant wait to see what you all create!


Creative Colour Energy WorkshopWould you like to embark on a colour adventure, play with mixed media, and learn about the 7 levels of energy?

Through audio colour meditations, videos & prompts, we dig deeper into each colour and the associated level of energy (through the chakra system). How each colour speaks to us, makes us feel and triggers our creative intuition. You will get exactly what you need from each of the colour sessions. We will explore and play through:

  • colour vision journaling/colour stories
  • mixed media, {paint, print, collage} and
  • photography

The course starts Monday 5th August 2013, so please read more and register here.