My toes in Tasmania

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I have been struggling this week with keeping to my goal of going kickboxing 1-3 times a week! The naughty gremlin (AKA my inner critic) has been especially harsh on me, but I am glad to say I got through it and took the all important step forward!

So I made this poster for myself and wanted to share with you all as this is what “kicked” me back into action. (Do you find yourself saying “ill do that tomorrow” or “I’ll think about that tomorrow” –  like Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind!}.

Well today is the day to get started on our dreams and goals or whatever it is we find ourselves putting off until tomorrow.

Today I took my step forward and reviewed my goals for the rest of 2012. It felt so good to do this!

Here are 5 of my creative related goals for the next 6 months…..

  1. Create a new brand for my design work & update my website
  2. Submit artwork to 3 galleries/shows
  3. A new “Surface Design” portfolio of at least 30 surface pattern designs {4-5 collections}
  4. Wholesale my cards/prints & plan licensing strategy for surface design
  5. Licensing work, artwork being represented ready for 2013

So good to review and re-focus my efforts for the rest of 2012. Here are a few other soulful steps for the next few months.

postByronBay_0038Embracing new and wondrous adventures.

post_convicttrain4Soak my soul in color and nature

Your Awesome Year WorkshopFacing uncertainties and turning challenges into positives full on.

post_inspirationwoodLive in the moment and be guided by spirit.

What are some of your soulful steps?


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