“Nature in their dance” minis in progress for the exhibition

It was so wonderful this past weekend, completely soaking myself in paint and color. It’s been so long since I had all my paints out, canvas all over the studio and just let loose.

I decided to get a start on some artwork for my upcoming “Dance” exhibition {with 2 other talented artists}, which is opening on Saturday June 23rd until July 15th. As many of you are aware, I am inspired by nature, so my interpretation of “Dance” is all about how nature dances in the breeze and has a natural dance of its own.

I had my studio windows open letting the cool sunny breeze flow through and light ambient music playing to set the scene.

It felt so good!

To get myself into my creative zone, I always listen to my own color meditations. The meditations are such a lovely way to relax, center myself and then get those creative juices flowing!

They always unblock and release anything that may be holding me back, so I can just “be”.

Color and creativity took over with a burst of energy.

I went a little wild and started creating patterns and color on 22 pieces!

The beginning stages of the “minis”

I love to work on multiple artworks all at once as I add a little to each, every so often and just let the color and creative energy take over.

Two larger 20×20 inch pieces in progress for the show

“Dance” will be held at the hobart co-operative gallery space in the Monroe Arts Center – June 23rd thru July 15th.

I’m really excited to see how they all turn out. {All to be revealed here in June}


Fancy getting your own creative juices flowing?

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Color your life and open up a creative word of possibility.