An auspicious 11-11-11 and today I wanted to join the “Joy Jam” session over at my other site:  “your heART makes a difference” Every Friday, we celebrate all that went well that week, all that gave us joy and made us smile. Join me in sending positive energy out into the world to help make a difference.

Many things made me smile this week and here are just 5:

Learning to embroider at Etsy Labs /Etsy HQ on Monday night.

I met Joetta Maue, who demonstrated the art of push stitch and is featured in the book Push Stitchery, lots of lovely creative souls and enjoyed a glass of wine afterwards!


Being invited to exhibit with other amazing artists at this Long Island gallery in NY for the month of December. One of my favorite artists is one of managing partners of this gallery so it’s an absolute honor to be invited to join them.


Selling one of my hand-made books on Etsy!

So so happy it is going to be a Christmas pressie for someone special to the purchaser (I received the loveliest email from the guy who bought it for his girlfriend as part of her Christmas pressie parcels). Made my heart sing to know it is being given with so much love, after being made with so much love.


Creating my Full Moon dream board/Mandala. What an amazing full moon.


AND taking a long walk yesterday where it was so warm this November Autumn day, that I took my shoes off to feel the leaves.

Come join us today and over the weekend to celebrate everything that went well in your week.