Before I even started this journey, friends and I have often discussed how important communities are in this modern world and how we need to be gently reminded sometimes and actively seek others who share something that brings us together or makes us feel connected. In my spare time, I’m the events manager for the Big Apple Brits Community and this site is living proof of a successful expat community here in NYC. BUT tonight I found mine in the sense of the creative community world, the start of being surrounded by supportive, collaborative, motivated artists… and just round the corner from my apartment!

I officially become a member of the Hoboken Co-operative Arts Gallery. “Hob-art” (for short) tonight when I attended their members meeting as a newbie! Feeling nervous, I walked into this room of about 20 people sitting in a circle critiquing a fellow artists work…supporting and offering feedback and genuinely interested in her artistic process. This was just the beginning, the “agenda” unravelled to display a list of activities, gallery shows, open discussions and exciting upcoming events to get involved in and show work at! “I may be showing my work in a few months?” I whispered to myself in my head of course! but wow! talk about one almighty springboard! So yes I’m excited to say this has been a very productive and inspiring evening. 🙂