November 2012 Color Challenge Wrap Up

The colors are still beautiful and autumnal here and I really enjoyed playing around with these hues this month.  How did you get on?

Here is the image from last months challenge

How did you feel creating with these colors?

{Add your comments in the comments section below}

Here are a few more complimentary designs I created with this month palette and inspired by the autumn leaves.

Let’s see what everyone created! Use the linky section below to add a link to your blog post. Also please add one of your images in the flickr pool so we can all leave comments and visit your blog post. You can check out the flickr pool here

Thanks to all who took part this month and the new challenge will be posted on Saturday December 1st!

Read more about the challenge and to sign up here

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  1. Louise, I love your patterns. I’m a little addicted to leaves this month. Thanks for hosting and inspiring. I hope you are doing okay after the hurricane.

    • Thanks so much Lori, I love your mobile you made from your work! All is much better here after the hurricane, town is starting to get back to normal. xxx

  2. Louise, I can’t believe there is only one more month in the color challenge. I don’t know if you plan on continuing in 2013; but I wanted to tell you how much fun I’ve found this to be as well as helpful. Even when the challenge involved colors I don’t like – ha, ha. I’m so glad you mentioned the challenge during the ABSPD course and that I committed to doing it!

    • I forgot to say – I love the leaf pattern you designed!


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