Being grateful just makes me FEEL better. Gratitude, to me, means accepting the present moment, exactly as it is. In these precious moments when I can simply accept what is throughout the day, I feel peace, calm, and contentment.

Gratitude decreases my stress level and helps me remember how blessed I am in my life!

I’m grateful for so much, but most especially for my healthy family and friends, for my sweet cats who keep me company every day, and for the fact that I get to create a career that I’m passionate about each day. I am a lucky girl.

My tips for practicing gratitude on a daily basis

To practice more gratitude each day, just notice what you’re resisting. When you notice, turn it around on yourself and accept whatever it is that you’re resisting. Say thank you for it. Say thank you for everything! Try this mantra: “Thank you for everything. I have no complaints.” See how that shifts things for you. You’ll begin to realize that complaining is a choice, and you can choose not to do it. Gratitude wins!


Jessica Swift, a full-time artist, surface pattern designer,and writer, is on a quest to inspire everyone on the planet to pursue their wild + colorful dreams… and never give up. Her magically uplifting and colorful artwork is licensed by companies and manufacturers for iPhone cases, fabric, stationery, and much more. Her art and products are meant to serve as tokens of happiness — reminders that you need (and deserve) to feel GOOD in your life. She lives in Portland, Oregon and you can find her colorfully creating and blogging online.

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