I feel the greatest gift of gratitude is its ability to bring me back into felt awareness of how we are connected to all other beings and life. Gratitude is a posture that asks us to be fully Present and to choose to see that which blesses and enhances our life and experience. I find the sensation of interconnectedness it brings to be comforting – easing loneliness and a monkey-mind. In this practice of conscious attention, I experience the spirit of joy and love within, and find I’m better able to release worries and fears that distract me from my creative truth and bringing this spirit to my work in the world.

3 things I am grateful for or inspire my heart to sing

Just three?! My family – those of blood and those not (the four-leggeds too) and the way our hearts weave and mingle. Being called to use my gifts as an Artist~Healer to gather, hold space for and witness women awakening to their own creative expression and innate wisdom – I LOVE my work in the world! This sweet Mother Earth that nurtures my life, inside and out, with her miraculous, abundant elements.

My tips to practice more gratitude on a daily basis.

Just simply begin. Start a practice at the same time of each day. Greet the morning with a mantra or song you love, jot a few in your journal before sleep, do it while you walk your dog or cook dinner. From there, consider a gratitude altar in your home, and deepen your practice by contemplating to who/what/where/how the energy of that gratitude is directed in your life.

Hali Karla is a Holistic Artist~Healer, helping women cultivate relationship with the Sacred Energy of their own creativity and innate, embodied truth. She holds circles, workshops & retreats which nurture the processes of deepening Trust, strengthening Courage, and practicing empowered Expression. Her offerings are grounded in the dynamic fluidity of the Creative Process, and fueled by a deep desire to see everyone LIVING their gifts from a place of vitality.

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Today, we celebrate the beauty of nature all around us and our connection to all living things on the planet.

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