Hello and welcome to the beginning of this journey into gratitude.

Gratitude is a beautiful practice for Every Day, but sometimes we need a little gentle reminder to make this a daily practice, so hello to ’30 days of gratitude’. 🙂 For the next 30 days, I will be sending you some inspirational thoughts with particular prompts to help you reflect on your blessings.

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By consciously thinking or writing down what we are grateful for, we will be collectively sending good energy out into the world.

Over the next 30 days, we will ease ourselves into a daily practice of living in the moment, taking time to notice beauty all around and as a community we will be thankful for all that life brings us.

Gratitude connects us to the present moment and can be as simple as noting down 3 things everyday that have made you smile, or that you are thankful for. By taking time to do this, it slows us down, enables us to notice beauty in the everyday and most importantly to help radiate positive energy within us.

When we are grateful and open our hearts everyday:

  • We start to find good energy flows back to us in various ways.
  • We begin to see the good in everything and everyone.
  • We notice the opportunities from all of our experiences.
  • The glass is always full.
  • The energy of what we are thinking and feeling will always be reflected back to us.
  • There is always an opportunity to learn and grow and take the positive.

If you would like to share….

  • Take a photo, publish on Instagram and hashtag it #yourheartmakesadifference.
  • Create a journal page or write a blog and add your link to the comments below.
  • List your thank you’s to the universe in the comments below.
  • Share a short poem or note with us in the comments below.
  • Pop your thoughts or images into your personal facebook page to share your gratitude with all of your friends and family. (tag @yourheartmakesadifference) and use #yourheartmakesadifference
  • Anything you feel called to do in response to the prompt.