Why being grateful enhances my day and life

We all have rough days; those times when nothing seems to go as we hoped they would. Those moments where we think “It’s just one thing after another. Why can’t I catch a break?” Hey, we’ve all been there! Every one of us! It’s part of our journey on this Earth to learn how to grow constructively from challenges. And this is where gratitude comes in.

Regardless of what went down, what is happening or what you foresee coming to be, you always…and I mean ALWAYS…have a choice as to how you will experience it. No one can make this decision for you; it is fully yours.

Every morning when I rise, it is important (nay, imperative!) for me to take a moment, breath and say “Thank you for another day. Use me as is best to serve You and my highest good.” And then I push the hair out of my face and go make my coffee.

By setting this intention for the day (every day), I’m sending the message to myself and the Universe that: “I am grateful for my life! I appreciate this chance to shine today! I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to serve You God and do Your work. Use me. I appreciate it.” In return, Spirit gives me more to love and appreciate in my day and life. Funny how that works! All from simply taking a moment to say thank you.

Three things I am grateful for

  • Having abundantly so many things to be thankful for that I find it to be a huge stretch to narrow it down to only three (but I’ll try)!!!
  • My relationship with God and the understanding of His Universal Laws. “Only good flows from my connection with Spirit, and only good ever will.” How amazing does that feel knowing and applying this truth???
  • Appreciation for all the wonderful qualities and gifts that make me shine. “Feeling good now is my highest priority.” Let’s all start by feeling good about ourselves, shall we?

Tips I have to practice gratitude

Turn around something you feel is “bad” or happening “against” you and see what good you can take from it. For example: Your car’s tire blows out and you’re left stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Oh, and your cell phone is dead. Yikes. Ok, what do you do?

You could go to the default which may seem most comfortable for many people: the “OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? THIS IS HORRIBLE! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I HAVE THE WORST LUCK! SWEET GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???? I AM TOTALLY IN TROUBLE HERE!!!” response, which, may I add, is a totally understandable response given the circumstance.

What if instead, you went with the Gratitude Centered response? It would sounds a little something like this: “Wow, ok this happened. So, let’s see. Thank God I’m alive, the car is safe and not on fire, which means I have shelter in case I’m here for a while. I’m on the side of the road away from traffic, so that’s good. But my cell phone is out, so that’s no good BUT there was that gas station not too far down the road. I can definitely call for help from there. Ok, that’s what I’ll do. But first, I’m going to breath, relax, get centered, collect myself and know that I’m ok and everything is already working out for me. I’m ok.”

Both are totally doable in the circumstance, though depending on your consciousness, one may seem easier than the other. The question is: Which one FEELS better? Which one brings you to a state of control? Which one helps deliver you to your goal faster? Which one leaves you empowered?

This is the strength and magnitude of gratitude. It allows you to be completely present in the moment, because you’re focusing on what IS! Not what happened, not what may transpire, but what it is you DO have. From there, you’re able to see clearly and respond from a constructively empowered state.

DECLARE COACHING founder Thomas Dunleavy is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Affirmative Thought and is a proud graduate from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Dubbed “The Thought Doctor” Thomas works with his clients on refining their language so they are afforded every possibility for success while actively pursuing the goals they wish to achieve.

Connect with Thomas: www.declarecoaching.com



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