Hey everyone! I’m still deciding whether to add more to this weeks Color Challenge piece, but here it is ready for Cathy’s Found Art Friday entry.

How’s everyone doing this week?

I decided to keep it simple again this week. I did find this color a bit of a challenge as I couldnt quite get the tone of greeny blue I was looking for, but I love the image of waves crashing, bursting and changing and so “To The Sea’ we go before the summer ends.

Look at how different these images are! The one below is from a photo I took and the one above was scanned and looks nothing like the original! Not really sure if either have the exact sea green color I was looking for (again the color is so different in “real life”!) but thought I’d share both with you as I think they create different moods in their own right.

Look out for entries on Cathy’s Blog tomorrow and my wrap up post will be up on Saturday afternoon. We then have just ONE more week left for the August challenge.

I have had many people ask me if we are going to do more after the August challenge ends. I would really like to continue with some kind of ongoing monthly challenge, linked to color still but we can definitely have a play with other subjects and ideas. What do you think? I’ve so enjoyed creating with you all, I don’t want it to end. 🙂