I love to work with other people and below you will find many ways to work with me. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or proposals.

One to one coaching – work with me to live your best life

Are you a creative soul just bursting to find your passion or live a more creative life? I am a Core Energy Life Coach and will empower you to live the life of your dreams with purpose and passion. Together we will spark your creativity, extinguish any obstacles and fire up your energy to create your roadmap to success.

Through a one off session or a series of coaching sessions, I can help you bring more creativity into your life, help you identify your life purpose and passion, work on specific creative goals, your business and projects. Our sessions will be centered around enabling you to do more of what you love and for it to be a greater part of your everyday life.


Learn about your “E- factor” & transform your life.


Louise is a fully trained Core Energy Life Coach, passionate about the energy of our thoughts, feelings and the world around us. The Core Energy process Louise works with is all about shifting our energy away from energetic blocks that are holding us back to positive thought, feeling and action. What is your “E-factor?”

Louise is a certified master practitioner in the “Energy Leadership Index System”. The “ELI” is a short question & answer assessment that can help you identify your current energetic make-up and your potential. Then through a 60 minute de-brief session with Louise, helps you identify how certain energies may be holding you back versus living your full potential. Please contact Louise to find out more.


Turn your creative idea into action

Brainstorm with me and create your plan of action. 

Do you have a great idea or creative project you’d like to kick start, but not sure how to get started or how to manage all of your ideas? I can help you create a road map and plan of action to get things moving.

Sessions start from 1 hour and we can also work together on a series of calls to help you turn your idea into action. Email me here and we can set up a call to take the first step.

Website/blog design, creation and consultancy

Are you looking to create a beautiful web presence to showcase your work, designs or creative services? 

I offer sessions on blog and website review, quick start guides, tutorials on wordpress and can also help you get your e-course up and running as well as program design.

Basic website design & creation starts at only $475. Please contact me for a full review and quote for services.

Commission a piece of Art


I would love to work with you to create a piece of artwork to your requirements. Please take a look through my portfolio to get a feel for the kind of work I create, making note of colors and styles you are particularly drawn to.

Then please send me an email through my contact page with information on size, dates, budget, colors or subject matter and we can discuss in more detail.