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Hello wonderful creative soul. Experience some of Louise’s select courses, kits, meditations and coaching sessions to help you transform your life and live your passion.  Each one is specifically designed to support you in your creative journey so you can express your true self.

Online courses

Creative Energy Color Cleanse

Includes 7 color sessions to take you on a rainbow journey of color, healing, journaling and creativity. Also includes additional audio, creative exercises, prompts and downloads.




Big Dreams. Small Wonders

Is there a dream or project you want to get started? Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start or want to guide your life in a new direction for 2012. Maybe you are not yet sure what your dreams or goals will be. Join us to dream, plan and create an amazing 2012. {next class starts Monday January 9th}



Kits, audio meditations & workbooks {Instant downloads}

Creative Energy Color Cleanse {Full program download}

This “mini retreat” is a home study course for creative people who would like to heal, clear and balance energy so your creativity can flow freely. The Color Bliss mini retreat is a full “creative energy color cleanse” download so you can work through the program at your own pace.



Creative Energy Color Kits {individual downloads}


Big Dreams. Small Wonders Workbook & 2012 Planner

Over 50 pages of creative exercises, dream worksheets and roadmap planning to create your amazing year ahead. This compliments the online course and is a tiny piece of what’s included in the 6 week program.



Individual audios {instant download}

Chakra Balance audio & worksheet

Balance yourself as often as you need to with this audio. This guided visualization takes you through each energy center to energize, heal and balance. Also includes a worksheet. $8.00





Rainbow Relaxation

Relax with this 9 minute guided visualization to invite all 7 colors of the rainbow into your life.





Gratitude meditation

Give yourself permission to be calm. This 10 minute meditation will guide you through your senses and focus on gratitude. A lovely way to start your day or incorporate into your current meditation practice. $5.00




Other Resources

In the first year of my creative business, I searched high and low for the best resources to rock my world. Lots of free and not so free! Before purchasing many of them I asked around, read about the authors and am pleased with what I got out of each and every one of them. So below are just some of the Fabulous Awesome Resources out there.


150×240 flying lessons badge

Let Your Creative Dreams have wings with Kelly Rae Roberts and Flying Lessons 

Kelly Rae spills the beans on how she built her mixed media art business, got published, wrote a book, become a household name with gifts in national stores all in a space of a few years.

The Flying Lessons e-books are chunked up into 3 parts so you can take one step at a time or buy the whole shebang.

Read more here


Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

DREAM BIG with Mondo BeyondoI took this class in January 2010 and it changed my life: The way I looked at my life and my dreams. Andrea Scher and Jen Lemon are so thoughtful, inspiring and tell stories about dreaming big enough and being brave to see those dreams come true.  

Register here


Start Your Creative Business Fire with Danielle LaPorte 

I still dip in and out of the Firestarter sessions. Danielle is so vibrant and inspiring and what I love about this resource is that it tickles all the senses through the written word, videos and audio to start your own fire in the world.


Get your own fire started HERE

Create Your Goddess year with Leonie I love the color and vibrancy of Goddess Leonie’s products and resources. Goddess Leonie also has meditations and a goddess circle – all you need to be one hell of a goddess!  

Become a Goddess HERE

Jen at Artizen Coaching has some amazing products to help us right brainers create a business plan and unfold our lifes vision. There is an online course, home study, packs to order and a video summit! AMAZING. I have Jen’s book and refer to it on a regular basis. 

Check out Artizen Coaching and all the great products here.

Join the ARTrepreneur Community!

I joined this amazing community this April when it was first launched and already I am getting my moneys worth with all the interviews, resources and fun connections going on. If you are just starting out in your creative business, need some more inspiration or strive to be part of a creative community, check it out here.

Be Colorliscious with Elizabeth Harper & Sealed with Love

I took a workshop with Elizabeth in NYC and saw first hand how inspiring she is with color and meditation. I LOVE her color Ascension meditation.


Please also note, some of these are affiliate links. What this means is that if you click and then decide to buy, I receive a little commission for my referral. These are listed on my site because they have made a huge difference to my life, how I live it and that I believe in them, not because I may receive something in return for recommending them out.