Join the referral program

Hello and thank you for your interest in helping get the word out about all the lovely products on offer. Please download this pdf which will guide you every step of the way.

What does it mean to join the program?

It means you can really help me spread the word about the products I offer, grow our community and also help yourself. If you sign up to be part of the program and refer your community using your unique affiliate link, & someone  using your link buys products from my site, you will receive up to 50% from each sale you bring in.

It’s free to join? Really? YAY!

I use a platform called e-junkie to manage the program and my products. You can sign up with e-junkie (instructions in the guide) and generate a special unique code just for you to share all the goodness with your community. Once someone clicks on your link, it creates a cookie that sits with their computer for 6 months so even if they don’t purchase something straight away, you will still get the referral and receive the affiliate payment. To find out more and sign up, please download the referral program guide.

Quick start: how to sign up

step 1: Go to the page on e-junkie here.

step 2: Log into your existing e-junkie account or set up a new one
step 3: After you log in, go to “manage your affiliate account” (it may take you there automatically) and then click on “get affiliate code”
step 4: Make sure “Louise Gale – Dream Inspire Create” is selected in the drop down menu. Click the orange button that says “get affiliate code”

How will I know if I refer a sale and how do I get paid?

When someone uses your link to purchase something, you will receive a notification via email. Any money you earn will be paid via paypal the following month. I pay everyone before the 10th of each month. So if you refer a sale in December, you will receive the commission for that particular sale between January 1st & 10th. You can also keep track of all purchased referrals within e-junkie.

Download the guide here for more information on using links and tips that are effective when acting as an affiliate.


Below are some images you can use to promote the products currently available. (you can right click on the image and save as) – more instructions are in the guide. More products are being added before January 2012, so please sign up to Louise’s newsletter and select “Affiliate & referral program info”

If after reading the guide you need some assistance, feel free to contact me

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