Nature Journal: Sketch and Paint Spring!


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Spring is such an amazing and inspiring time of the year. Little whispers of buds are starting to appear, blossom on the trees and spring colors of pink, yellow and green are in abundance.

It is also a wonderful time to grab our sketchbooks and capture all of this beauty. I will be guiding you through drawing, painting and capturing the season. This class is particularly great for beginners, however all levels are welcome as there is lots of inspiration to develop your style further and dive deeper into creating a Spring inspired journal.

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In class, we will create beautiful sketchbook pages capturing spring flowers, blossoms, buds, bulbs and the color stories of Spring.

We all have our own drawing style, (think of your own handwriting style), so even if you haven’t drawn in years (since primary school) and feel a little nervous about it, I will teach you ways to approach each of the projects to create gorgeous Spring inspired journal pages which are full of sketches, paint and color!

Using inspiration from nature, we will create our own beautiful color palettes and I will share various techniques on coloring our drawings using watercolor pencils and paints.

We will explore a variety of mixed media including: Pencil, ink, coloring pencils and watercolor paint.

Mode: Self-paced, access when you want. No pressure or timescale to keep to.

Access: Lifetime access.

Below is a short video of me painting my sketchbook for class

Many of my sketches from my nature journals make it onto the canvas and it is such a vital part of my own creative process as I use my sketchbook to capture shapes, colors and ideas. For some ideas on why a sketchbook is so great, check out my post here on “10 Reasons to Keep a Sketchbook

Course Content

The class is made up of 4 modules, each with at least 4-5 lessons. Over 20 instructional videos showing step by step tutorials which also include reference photo downloads, so even if is not quite springtime where you are in the world you can sketch and paint the joys of spring through this class.

  • Module 1: Sketchbook preparation, seeking inspiration and capturing Spring color palettes (live 4 April)
  • Module 2: Sketching from life and photos using a variety of loose, tight and detailed techniques (live 4 April)
  • Module 3: Drawing and painting with watercolor pencils and watercolor paint (live 11 April)
  • Module 4: Creating themed journal pages full of individual pages for each theme (live 11 April)

Here in the Northern hemisphere, astronomical Spring runs from 20 March through to 19 June!

So lots of time to explore and enjoy the season in your journal.

I am excited to see you in class!

Materials List

Here are the materials I will be using in class. A full detailed list is given in the classroom.

  • Small sketchbook/journal. I use A5 size with at least 140 g/m paper. We will be adding watercolor paint so be sure to have a journal with good paper inside.
  • A camera of any kind
  • Black outlining pen I love Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens
  • HB pencil (I also use 2B)
  • Watercolor pencils. I use Caran d’Ache but any water soluble pencils will be good.
  • Paintbrushes, water jar, paper towels
  • Watercolor paper (optional). I use Canson XL Watercolor Pads – view here and Gummed watercolour pad from Cass Art – view here (optional)
  • Watercolor paints, all will work well for this class. I use Windsor & Newton professional, but all student grade and any other watercolor paints will do just fine. :-)
  • Daler Rowney FW acrylic inks (optional)
  • Color printer (if you will be printing out photos)
  • Gesso (optional) I use this on some of the journal pages
  • Collage paper if you have it available, if not, an old book/dictionary to use as backgrounds. (optional)