Draw and Color Expressive Mandala art (Mandala I)


Classroom is open!

This is the first class in a series of Mandala classes that I offer. (if you are interested in diving deeper, check out the mandala class bundle here)

In this class, we explore many ways to draw and color mandalas, including drawing a freestyle versus structured mandala, creating your own motif and design inventory, sacred geometry and a variety of coloring techniques using pencils, watercolor pencils and pens.

At the end of the class, not only will you be full of inspiration, you will have a beautiful journal full of unique and personal mandala motif studies, mandala sketches, designs and awakening sacred circle imagery.

Mode: Self-paced, access when you want. No pressure or timescale to keep to.

Access: Lifetime access. Once you register and pay, I will be in touch within 24 hours with your class access information

Community: Facebook Group to share your work is also available (optional to join)


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This is the first class in a series of Mandala classes that I offer. (if you are interested in diving deeper, check out the mandala class bundle here)

Mandalas are most commonly a circular shape with a central point that has various motifs and patterns created from the center outwards to create a beautiful design or piece of artwork. Mandalas can contain sections in 4, 8 and 12 parts being symmetrical in design or freestyle. They are often used as a meditation tool and can be so much fun to create for everyone.

What is included:

  • 5 modules (multiple lessons inside each module)
  • 30+ videos
  • 3 audio meditations you can download to keep
  • Mandala templates and coloring pages to download
  • Tutorials on freestyle and structured techniques for drawing mandalas
  • How to create and develop your own motifs/embellishments
  • Coloring techniques using colored pencils, water soluble pencils and pens (including shading, light/shadow, pattern and blending)
  • Prompts to help you connect to your personal motif imagery and the type of mandala that speaks to you.
  • Unlimited access to the classroom and materials

This class is self-paced so work through in your own time. Class access is unlimited so no pressure and no classroom closing date. There is also a Facebook group if you so wish to join to share your work as you travel through.

Here is just a handful of gorgeous work created my previous students.




Supply List

Below are a few examples of materials used. A full list will be available when you enter the classroom.

  • Pencil, compass (or something round to draw around)
  • Black pen for outlining and drawing motifs
  • A sketchbook /journal (approx A4 size)
  • Colored pens (I used sharpies and gel pens)
  • Coloring pencils to color with. (I use professional grade water soluble pencils but you can use regular pencils and/or water soluble)
  • Various papers such as black (or dark) paper, book pages, or music sheets.
  • A white paint pen or silver pen.
  • A camera for gathering inspiration.


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