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April Bowles

Jess Green- Seek You Course

Juliette Crane - Painting Owls

Regina Lord-Creative Kismet

Jennifer Lee

Mary Beth Freet - Pink Light Design

Michelle Ward - When I Grow Up Coach

Margaret Zox Brown -Expressionist painter


Jason Gluskin-Hoboken Artist

Laura Loving- NYC Artist

Other Resources

In the first year of my creative business, I searched high and low for the best resources to rock my world. Lots of free and not so free! Before purchasing many of them I asked around, read about the authors and am pleased with what I got out of each and every one of them. So below are just some of the Fabulous Awesome Resources out there.

Please also note, some of these are affiliate links. What this means is that if you click and then decide to buy, I receive a little commission for my referral. These are listed on my site because they have made a huge difference to my life, how I live it and that I believe in them, not because I may receive something in return for recommending them out.