Energy is all around us,  the world is an energy system connecting all living things, which vibrate and resonate at different levels. What we think, feel and do can spark significant changes to our own lives as well as those around us. The earth, sound, water, color amongst other elements are also significant.

The energy of our thoughts are also very powerful – Fear, guilt, anger, blame and conflict are examples of low energy and you can recognize when you are in this space as you feel low, heavy and bad.

Peace, love, joy & gratitude are examples of high vibrational energy and you can recognize when you are here as you feel light, connected, creative and great! These are energies of the heart and my mission is to live from the heart everyday.

My new e-course “Living {& creating} from the heart” is a five-week creative journey to connect to nature, raise your energy level and live your creative life from the heart. If you would like to explore creativity and the heart energies, this online course is for you. You can also find out more about heart centered living over at my lovely collaborative blog space ‘your heART makes a difference

Starting September 2013, i will be adding more resources and reflections on energy on the blog, so hope you will join me.