Hello from Bali and Finding my Creative Flow

Greetings from Beautiful Bali, where I am on a ‘personal retreat’ to enjoy vacation time and create space to write content for my ‘Botanical Mandalas’ book. A perfect place to contemplate, fill my days with moments in nature and take time to...

Reflections from Bali

Spending a month in Bali this past August was a gift of time to myself. I was to spend a whole month relaxing, exploring, slowing down and most importantly painting and creating with a group of beautiful women on the Sacred marks retreat with my wonderful friend Tracy Verdugo.

Bali Adventure – Kite Festival!

On the Sunday after our first session of “Sacred Marks”, we were enjoying our wonderful breakfast by the pool and saying our last goodbyes. All of a sudden, we heard the loud noises of cars, motorcycles and people cheering as they passed our entrance way along the road. You could see big structures moving along and giant flags waving down the road.

Bali Adventure {part 1}

Tracy and I with our elephant sketches at the Elephant park (day 3 of the retreat) Wow what a wonderful first week here in Bali. I am spending a whole month exploring and creating with my amazing friend Tracy Verdugo who is hosting two eight day “Sacred...