My Word of the Year: 2013 is all about grounding {balancing, connecting & centering}

Every year, side by side with many of my creative kindreds, I choose a word to live by for the year ahead. A word to help me focus on what I want to attract into my life, the feelings, people, places and experiences. It always takes me a few days following the new year to be ready to say “My Word of the Year” and what always amuses me is that it’s always more than one word!

Last year, my word was Flourish which was all about flourishing in the world of design and art – finding what really made me bloom. 2011 was “Stretch” & “cultivate”, which encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone but also cultivating what I knew was working in my new life. Then at the very beginning in 2010, my word was leap fearlessly! which I did when I quit my corporate job in May 2010!

As I prepare for my new life in Spain, I am re-connecting with the feeling I wanted to attract into my life – which was the overpowering force for me to make this change. “To live a more peaceful, simple life and be more connected with nature and myself”

So, when thinking about my 2013, “Grounding” is what appeared to me. I wish to be more grounded and centered within myself, to the earth, to nature. Balanced, in-tune, intuitive to everything around me and see all of life’s connections.

Here is my “Grounding” journal page

grounding journal page

Grounding {in an electrical power sense} is all about removing the excess charge on an object. Grounding is a process that helps the body to connect to earth energies and be part of the natural world around us. These past few years I have made some conscious choices to let go of what I have seen as some of these “excess charges” – TV, cell phones and now – the constant electromagnetic fields {through cell phone towers, electronics, wifi networks etc} which are so prevalent in our modern cities and towns. I  constantly feel these negative ‘charges’ around me and 2013 is the year to break my body free from that and create a life by the ocean, closer to nature, being grounded and connected every single day.

I have not created my 2013 visionboard yet {that’s next weekend!} or created specific goals for my year ahead, however…. some of the lovely visualizations swimming around in my head are: daily walks along the sand, being barefoot as much as I possibly can, yoga twice a week at the beach bar, growing herbs and veggies on my balcony, meditating, painting, creating and most of all being connected to my own natural world.

Do have a word for the year? I would love to hear yours and the thoughts behind it.

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  1. Happy New 2013 Louise! Glad to hear you are well, and happy times in Spain – sounds good. Can I come and visit? ;)

    I had two words come to me about a couple of weeks ago and for 2013 they are: EXPANSION and GENEROSITY… these kind of tie in as I set out to open up an art project space with premises with 3 friends from my art MA here in London… wow, it feels right and the next step, but lots of work too! I am excited. And the experimental art e-course is still going strong so I guess it’s expanding from that!

    Can’t wait to see you soon :)


    • Hi Amelia, of course – come and visit! I’ll also be back in the UK a few times in 2013 so would LOVE to see you and Concetta too. Thanks so much for sharing your word(s) of the year. Cant wait to see it all unfold in 2013. xxx

  2. My word is Freedom: simplicity, space, ease, surrender, clarity, and openness. “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; liberty, independence; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved; being physically unrestricted and able to move easily; self-determination, open, opportunity, play, joy.” I wish to feel free, to be free from and free to, to let go of habits and ways of being that no longer serve me, to embrace and embody my true nature, to practice radical self-acceptance, to keep my heart open.

    • WOW wow wow Jill, love your word and all the meanings behind it – I completely love this. Wishing you all the best for an amazing year ahead. xxxx

  3. So funny, i decided my word today was “Grounded” and then I came here ;)

    So excited for you – well done Louise. Keep flying.


    • Oh that is BRILLIANT! Love it. Will be in touch soon to arrange a meetup in London – maybe for April time. xxxx

  4. My word for 2013 is “emergence”. It came to me after reading an article. I am still sorting it’s meaning out, to understand it to the full extent, but simply put, it is an unexpected result from some simple things coming together. ie. clouds, water, freezing temp=beautiful snowflake!
    Does that make sense? I am hoping for something beautiful in my life.

  5. My word last year was LEAP, which helped me make huge strides in my art career. I was laid off from my corporate job in FEB 2012, and made the decision to go back to my massage practice and focus on my artwork. Wow what a leap of faith I took, and it worked out!!! The year (’11) before my word was COMMIT which was the year I got married, and made a life commitment to my husband. Marriage was a big step, since I was known to run away from relationship. Finally got married at 41!
    This year my word is FOCUS! Which could be a challenge as I struggle with ADD, but feel I have the right medication now to help me out. Going to FOCUS on my artwork, and my massage practice. Next week I am hosting a vision board party, and last year I hosted a party and it was a good time. What I put on my vision board last year, many things came to true!! Thanks for motivating me to keep on my path! Much love- Pippin


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